Drug & Alcohol Testing for Employment - DoT Drug Testing

Pass all federal regulations with assistance from TAG/AMS. In addition to our drug and alcohol test for employment, we are available to help you complete your FAA audit preparation without stress. Request our assistance today to develop and implement a company drug and alcohol policy for your organization. Staying in compliance with DoT Drug Testing mandates

TAG/AMS works with your designated employee representative and registered alternate in the following key areas of the Antidrug and Alcohol Misuse Program:

  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Supervisor and Employee Training
  • Recordkeeping and Reporting
  • Policy and Procedure Development

Drug and Alcohol Policy and Procedure Development

TAG/AMS provides advice and guidance on how to register your program with the FAA.
TAG/AMS guides you to develop your DOT Mandated Company Drug and Alcohol Policy.

Our Role with Your Drug and Alcohol Testing

TAG/AMS contracts with the Laboratory to provide your testing as well as required Bi-Annual Lab Statistics and order all your drug testing forms. TAG/AMS will work as a liaison for all of your laboratory problems and/or concerns.
TAG/AMS helps you find and work with collection sites and clinics to use for your random drug testing.
TAG/AMS works as a liaison between you and the MRO.

Our Role in Training Classes and Materials

TAG/AMS provides materials for you to post on your Employee Bulletin Board(s) as required by the FAA drug testing regulations. You may purchase extra copies of this poster for a nominal charge by contacting our office.

TAG/AMS provides materials for you to copy and use to conduct your own in-house training. These materials meet the standards expected by the DOT/FAA regulations.

TAG/AMS has online training available, including FAA reasonable suspicion training. Speak with us for more information on this program.

Our Role in Recordkeeping and Reporting

With your guidance, TAG/AMS maintains your list of covered employees in the Random Selection Pool. We make quarterly random selections and will notify your company’s designated contact each quarter with your selections.

The TAG/AMS Online Database provides an M.I.S. Annual Testing Summary report showing all employment drug testing for the calendar year by test type. This database provides Year-to-Date Testing Summary anytime during the year. You may also view Random Drug Testing selections and see if tests have been completed or not.

TAG/AMS provides assistance with preparing for any audits and/or inspections. We offer guidance interpreting the regulations, and we send updates as needed to help you keep up-to-date on the regulations.

TAG/AMS provides our FAA Clients with a Red Program Notebook for the company with updates as needed. Within the Red Notebook are instructions, training materials, and various forms to help you manage your Anti-drug & Alcohol Misuse Prevention Program. Additional Notebooks can be purchased for an additional fee. Please contact our office for details.