This course provides information concerning the effects of alcohol misuse and controlled substances abuse on an individual’s health, workplace, and personal life as well as the signs and symptoms of an alcohol or controlled substances problem. This training covers the indicators of abuse and misuse in depth, and meets the training requirements of programs that offer a State Workers’ Comp. discount for testing.*

*Ohio currently requires additional courses and refresher training.

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DFWP Employee Training

DFWP (Drug-Free Workplace) Employee Training keeps you certified in compliance with the DWP (drug-free workplace) program on an annual basis. This course covers the impact of alcohol misuse and substance abuse on health, workplace productivity, and personal life, including recognizing signs of alcohol or substance use issues.


Employee Training Course Overview:

This course familiarizes employees with a Drug-Free Workplace Program (DFWP) and explores the impacts of substance use and misuse in the U.S. and the workplace.

Course Topics Include:

  • Introduction to Drug-Free Workplace Program (DFWP):

    • Understanding the purpose and authority of a DFWP.
    • Benefits of maintaining a drug-free workplace.
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing:

    • Circumstances under which drug and alcohol testing may occur.
    • Employee rights and responsibilities regarding testing.
  • Impacts of Alcohol and Drug Use:

    • Effects on the body and health risks associated with alcohol and drug use.
    • Recognizing signs and symptoms of alcohol and substance use.
    • Types of commonly abused alcohol and drugs.
  • Effects on the Workplace:

    • Impact of substance use on workplace productivity and safety.
    • Strategies for maintaining a safe and productive work environment.
  • Seeking Help:

    • Resources available for employees struggling with alcohol or drug dependency.
    • Steps to take if an employee needs assistance or support.

Course Benefits:

  • Meets the 1-hour employee training requirement for most states’ workers’ compensation insurance discount programs.


What does DWP do?

The Drug-free Workplace Program (DWP) performs regulatory, knowledge development, and technical assistance roles for federal and federally regulated workplaces regarding their drug-free workplace policies and programs.

DWP is mandated to:

  • Oversee federal drug-free workplace programs: These programs aim to eliminate illicit drug use in federal workplaces.
  • Manage the National Laboratory Certification Program: This program certifies laboratories to conduct forensic drug testing for federal agencies and federally regulated industries.

Federal Workplace Programs:

  • Federal drug-free workplace programs are comprehensive initiatives designed to address illicit drug use among federal employees.
  • SAMHSA’s Federal Drug-free Workplace Program certifies Drug-Free Workplace Plans for executive branch agencies.
  • It also identifies safety-sensitive positions subject to random drug testing to ensure workplace safety.




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