The DVD is various videos for Drug & Alcohol employee & supervisor training. It’s a bit old but ‘Drug are Bad” is the same message all training materials consist of. It almost funny when you see the style of clothes the people are wearing.

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Dive into a time capsule of the 90s with the TAGAMS Training DVD, a vintage workplace training video on drug awareness. Featuring bold slogans, wacky clothing, and a clear message that “drugs are bad” both at work and  at home, this retro gem delivers a memorable lesson on substance abuse prevention. It emphasizes that alcohol is permissible only outside the workplace and in moderation, offering a quirky yet earnest portrayal of past attitudes toward drug use and workplace safety.

  • Covers comprehensive employee and supervisor training on drug, alcohol, and substance abuse awareness.
  • Emphasizes compliance with the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) regarding substance abuse policies.
  • Highlights key topics including:
    • Identification and effects of common substances in the workplace.
    • Guidelines for alcohol consumption outside of work.
    • Responsibilities of employees and supervisors in maintaining a drug-free workplace.
    • Procedures for reporting and addressing substance abuse issues.

Ideal for those seeking a nostalgic yet informative look at past attitudes towards workplace safety and substance abuse prevention.


**NOTE: Please note, completing this DVD does not provide a certificate. It serves as an introduction to the comprehensive online interactive training available. This training covers various topics required by CFR regulations, preparing you for more in-depth learning and certification. Explore a high-level overview of topics covered in our online trainings with this DVD!



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