This PHMSA Employee Training online satisfies 49 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations)  Part 199 (a)(b)(c) training.


Training Objectives: Drug-Free Workplace Training

  • Understanding Impact: Employees will grasp how prohibited drug use affects personal health, safety, and the workplace, identifying potential consequences.
  • Recognition Skills: Develops the ability to spot signs and symptoms of prohibited drug use in themselves and colleagues, including behavioral and physical cues.
  • Clear Objective Understanding: Employees will demonstrate comprehension by achieving a 75% or higher score on the online quiz, solidifying knowledge of drug effects and recognition.
  • Application to Real Scenarios: Learn to apply training insights to real-life situations, knowing how to respond appropriately and ensure a safe, drug-free workplace.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Understand the importance of complying with federal and state regulations on drug and alcohol awareness training, tailored to industry-specific mandates.
  • Promoting Safety: Employees will actively contribute to a supportive work environment, reporting concerns, following procedures, and fostering a safe workplace culture.

Part 199 Drug and Alcohol Testing (shortened)

  • Subpart A General
    • § 199.1 Scope
    • § 199.2 Applicability
    • § 199.3 Definitions
    • § 199.5 DOT procedures
    • § 199.7 Stand-down waivers
    • § 199.9 Preemption of State and local laws
  • Subpart B Drug Testing
    • § 199.100 Purpose
    • § 199.101 Anti-drug plan
    • § 199.103 Use of persons who fail or refuse a drug test
    • § 199.105 Drug tests required
    • § 199.107 Drug testing laboratory
    • § 199.109 Review of drug testing results
    • § 199.113 Employee assistance program
    • § 199.115 Contractor employees
    • § 199.117 Recordkeeping
    • § 199.119 Reporting of anti-drug testing results
  • Subpart C Alcohol Misuse Prevention Program


Fulfill your 49 CFR Part 199 (a)(b)(c)  training requirements  with the PHMSA Employee Training today!




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